Primary school children in Kingston are staging a protest today (September 27) in support for Friday's global climate strike movement.

As estimated millions of protesters, led by young people, marched in cities around the world for climate justice, so too did a brave band of school children in Kingston.

On Friday afternoon as rain cleared and the sun came out, chants of "Save Our Planet!" filled the air while the children and several parents marched through the streets of Kingston to gather outside Town Hall.

Surrey Comet: Image: Emma KisbyImage: Emma Kisby

Under the Fridays For Future slogan, a rising global movement is demanding action of governments to avert the climate crisis now taking place around the world.

Alongside broad demands for worldwide decarbonization, town and city-specific issues are also being raised at these protests, and Friday's demonstration in Kingston was no different.

Lilly, 10, helped organize the protests and hopes they will help stop pollution in the borough (at least one site in Kingston was named among the most polluted in Greater London).

"We're all going to march down to the Town Hall with placards and we've got a megaphone so we're going to chant things like 'Save Our Air'," she told the Comet before joining the demonstration.

"We think that we should help with how people are polluting the Earth and we think we should put a stop to it," Lilly added.

Surrey Comet: Image: Emma KisbyImage: Emma Kisby

The Year 5 pupil, who goes to at St Paul's in Kingston, is passionate about the environment and previously came up with several campaigns through the school's Eco group, such as 'turn off the lights' and anti-food waste campaign.

She said that she and her fellow classmates saw images from the massive global climate strike that took place last Friday (September 20) and were inspired to join in and help out.

"We sent letters out to our school and talked with our other classmates, and I think it's gone around to about three schools now. We spoke with our headmaster and we're doing an assembly at our school," Lilly said.

As the previous Friday's demonstration showed, adults are now joining in with the Fridays For Future movement, and there were several supportive grown-ups in Kingston this Friday.

One was Sophie Bates, an architect whose child also took part in the protest.

"I think they've seen what's been happening recently and wanted to do something.

"Even though our generation is split on this hopefully the next can really's not too late to do something but it's up to politicians to do more," she said.