Peace activists from Palestine and Israel shared the stage at a joint initiative hosted at Kingston Liberal Synagogue recently.

Around 100 people attended the event last Monday (September 16), which formed part of the 'Invest in Peace' initiative led by Board of Deputies of British Jews and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Palestinian Ruba Huleihel and Israeli Michal Katoshevsky both spoke at the event, while Elmbridge Mayor Mary Sheldon was also in attendance.

"It was an enlightening, passionate and wonderful evening. I feel honoured to have been here and hear what they each had to say about such a serious issue at a human level," the mayor said.

A spokesperson for KLS said that the focus of the discussion was on the personal journeys of Huleihel and Katoshevsky.

Contentious issues such as the building of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank were largely avoided, KLS said.

KLS Rabbi Rene Pfertzel emphasized the commonalities shared by Huleihel and Katoshevsky during the event.

"It was a truly inspiring evening, listening to two young peace activists talking about their work and demonstrating how working together and talking to each other is the best path towards peace," she said.