Housing Association residents in Kingston will be eligible to vote in 2020 over plans to redevelop the Cambridge Road Estate, Kingston Council (RBK) have announced.

The decision was confirmed by RBK's Strategic Housing and Planning Committee (SHAP) meeting on Thursday (September 19).

It came after confirmation from City Hall (GLA) that approved the move to grant all social housing residents in the area a vote on any future plans for the estate, which has long been mooted for an extensive "redevelopment" by RBK.

A spokesperson for RBK described the 2020 vote for "all eligible residents" as "a once in a generation ballot to provide new high-quality council homes, gardens, play areas, streets and community facilities."

The move adds Housing Association residents in the area to local authority residents on next year's ballot on the regeneration, all of whom will now have a say on the future plans for the estate.

Councillor Emily Davey, Kingston Council Portfolio Holder for Housing, said she was pleased with the decision and that RBK would now be consulting with residents ahead of the 2020 ballot.

"I am so pleased that tenants of other social landlords will be included in this once in a generation opportunity to build high-quality homes to modern standards that residents deserve.

"Now we need time to properly consult them. In particular we need to ask their views on what would happen if there is a yes vote in the ballot.

Cllr Davey hinted that the vote would likely take place near to the start of the calendar year.

"This will take time, therefore we will be holding the ballot in early 2020," she said.