A Kingston cadet has been praised after she jumped into action to save one of her own.

The group recently embarked on a trip to the Isle of Man to compete in an event which included activities ranging from rafting to blindfold assault courses.

But it’s what happened on the Saturday night that really stood out.

"Whilst settling in for an evening of socialising, as teenagers do, our cadets were walking to their campsite when a cadet became unwell," a spokesman for Kingston Police said.

"He fell over and was unresponsive.

"One of our cadets, Nicole, went into full on first aid mode and worked her way through her police training entitled “Dr ABC”.

"This includes checking airways, breathing and responsiveness."

Still unresponsive but breathing, Nicole then put him in the recovery position, keeping his airway open, whilst sending other cadets bolting for help.

"Aware that he had hit his head on the way down, she made sure his breathing was normal too," the spokesman added.

"Staff soon arrived and an ambulance was called.

"Nicole remained with staff, communicating with the cadet to help keep him calm. He was taken to hospital where he made a full recovery and was discharged the following day.

"Amazing work from the team, we couldn’t be more proud."