A Chessington family has put out a heartfelt plea for help after their 27-year-old daughter was seriously injured in a motorbike accident.

Cody Donovan had visited West Wittering Beach on the hottest day of the year at the start of July and had been travelling back on her motorbike when she hit a broken-down transit truck on the A27 at around 50 miles an hour.

The crash left her with “horrific injuries” and saw her rushed into a critical care unit for three days, before being transferred to the major trauma unit for six weeks.

She has since returned home, but is still recovering from her injuries, which included a shattered femur in her left leg, a degloved kneecap, an open fracture to her left forearm, broken wrist, two fractures to her spine, a torn liver and spleen, as well as facial injuries.

“She’s exhausted, stressed out, and in pain,” her mum, Ann, told the Comet.

“She is currently under the NHS for a physio appointment once a month, but she was told at her first fracture appointment she needed urgent emergency physio or she wouldn’t have full use of her legs.

“At the first appointment last week, the physio gave her a few exercises. She was told the best course of action is a hydrotherapy course but because we don’t live near St George’s we can only go private.

“We understand that the NHS on the whole is stretched and it’s unfortunate we’re not in the catchment area for St George’s. We’re so grateful that Cody is still with us.”

The family is now looking to raise money to help pay for her private physiotherapy sessions in a bid to help Cody regain full use of her legs.

Her father, Mike, said: “She is currently able to get around by means of a wheelchair, which we purchased ourselves as the hospital couldn’t afford to provide one.

“Her proposed recovery time is 12 to 18 months with limited physio. With proper treatment we hope we can improve that.”

Cody had just been promoted to manager of the branch of Greggs she works at before the accident, and said she had now missed out on the opportunity.

The fundraising page can be found at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/getting-cody-back-on-her-feet