Some want The Beatles be played at their funeral; others ask for their ashes to be scattered into the ocean.

But one man's final request had a few people scratching their heads.

Chris Higgins popped into the Cobham petrol station in Bridgeway last week to fill up his tank.

But as he was going about his business, a hearse pulled in.

He didn't think much of it until the driver got out to buy a ticket for the car wash.

"First time I’d ever seen a funeral car go into a petrol station for a wash," Mr Higgins said.

"It was a shock."

Everyone cleared a path and through they went for a wash and a wax.

"They went through the car wash and when they were done I asked the driver what it was about," Mr Higgins added

"He said it was the man’s last request."

Mr Higgins added that despite a few weird looks, everyone was more than happy to abide by the man's wish.