A Kingston police officer who played a vital part in ensuring a murderer was brought to justice has himself been commended.

Aliny Mendes was killed by ex-husband husband Ricardo Godinho on the night of February 8.

PCSO Dave Haywood was the travelling home at the time when he saw what he thought was a crash on London Road between Cheam and Stoneleigh.

"There were cars and a van parked on the pavement and across driveways, blocking my view, with people talking animatedly near one of the vehicles," he said.

"As I got closer, I saw that there was someone laying on the floor receiving emergency medical assistance."

His heart dropped.

Running to Aliny's side, he saw a man giving emergency life support.

"Through the downpour, I heard the 999 operator coaching him through the difficult task," PCSO Haywood added.

"I offered to takeover but he wanted to continue.

"I’ve never dealt with anything like this before and panic began to take over.

"I was the only officer there so far and had no radio, no kit. I shook off the encroaching fear and went into 'work mode', as the crippling realisation of what had happened dawned on me. The poor woman had been stabbed."

With life support being carried out, he checked on witnesses and offered any reassurance he could.

"Everything I said felt pointless as people were crying and in shock," he added.

"Her young daughter was there too and I almost broke down myself. I will always remember everyone’s face, filled by the shock at what they’d witnessed."

The ambulance soon arrived and it was at this point where he noticed a glint of silver. The murder weapon.

He grabbed a pair of gloves off the rig and secured the knife the best he could.

By the time he gave his statement he was cold, wet, muddy and dirty

"People kept asking me if I was ok," the officer added.

"I felt fine for myself which was weird. I was however in pain for the victim, her family and the witnesses."

This week the officer was commended at the South West Base Command Unit awards ceremony for his professionalism and dedication shown.

Godinho was jailed for a minimum of 27 years following a trial earlier this year.