Police are hunting a group of "reckless" youths who pelted traffic with rocks from the side of the M3 motorway this weekend.

On Saturday evening (August 10), Surrey Police were called after reports of several teenagers targeting motorists with rocks from the edge of the M3 motorway near Chertsey.

Several cars were damaged, their windows smashed, before the group fled on seeing police arrive at the scene.

A police spokesperson described one of the motorist's terrifying ordeal's in detail.

"Around five vehicles, including cars, vans and HGVs had been damaged and left with broken windscreens and side windows.

"A rock, described as the size of a tennis ball, landed on the passenger seat next to the driver after it shattered the passenger’s side window.

"Thankfully, there was not a passenger in the car at the time," the spokesperson said.

Police were then called to the M3 a second time, one day later, on Sunday (August 11) to reports of more cars coming under attack from rock throwers.

This time, a total of eight vehicles were damaged.

Coaches full of England rugby fans were hit with rocks, while a windscreen was shattered and shards of glass rained down on a young child inside one of the cars that was targeted.

"Roads policing officers were called back to the M3 again around 4.55pm yesterday (11 August), following further reports of damage being caused.

"A car, van, five coaches and an HGV had all had rocks thrown at them, causing dents and smashed glass.

"This included damage to two coaches carrying England Rugby fans home from the match at Twickenham earlier that day, which were left with smashed windows, and a car left with a shattered windscreen which resulted in sending shards of glass over a young child sat in a child seat in the front of the car," a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that, remarkably, no-one had been injured as a result of the stone-throwing in any of the incidents.

Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) who attended the scenes tweeted a warning to road users on Saturday (August 10) after attending the scene at a section of the M3 between Junctions 1 and 2.

"A small group of youths have been throwing rocks from the side of the motorway damaging windows.

"Suspects have fled the scene on seeing Police arriving.

"We can not stress how dangerous this groups actions are," a spokesperson for Surrey RPU said on Twitter.

The weekend's terrifying incident is not the first time such behaviour has occurred in the area.

As the Comet reported in April, Surrey Police launched an investigation after four cars were damaged by youths reportedly throwing rocks from a bridge on the M25 near Addlestone.

On Monday (August 12), police confirmed they were investigating the incident and released descriptions of the suspects — all believed to be boys between 13 and 16 years' old.

Surrey Police said:

"The three of four suspects believed to be responsible are described as white males, aged 13-16 years old and were wearing white tops.

"One of them did not have a top on. They were seen standing next to the M3 hard shoulder just south of the Littleton Lane Road bridge.

"Our quote would be a reminder to parents to highlight to their children how dangerous and reckless this is, particularly when vehicles are driving at speed, and a witness appeal for any information on 101, quoting reference number PR/P19183019 or, if you do not wish to leave your name, to call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."