A man who allegedly punched a random person in an unprovoked attack before squaring up to a police officer was Tasered and arrested.

David Paul Cooper, 36, of Beaconsfield Road, Epsom, was charged with assault by beating and a public order offence.

Bromley police said Cooper threatened violence before punching someone at random - causing the victim bruising to the body.

Officers responded to an incident on August 7 at around 2.30pm outside a shop in Coney Hall and Cooper was allegedly seen running from the scene after the victim started to call the police.

However, a uniformed officer followed Cooper.

A Bromley police statement read: "Unable to escape the law on foot and with few options left, Cooper then ignored the officer’s verbal instructions to come quietly and instead squared up to the officer.

"Cooper then literally got a shock as he was then temporarily incapacitated by the police officer’s electrical Taser device and restrained and detained by other officers who arrived on the scene.

"Following Cooper’s arrest, he was taken for a medical assessment then interviewed once he was found to be fit."

The suspect is due at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on August 23 to enter his plea.

Taser weapons are used by police to electronically disrupt a target’s muscle control and they can incapacitate suspects if required.