A mammoth clean-up operation was needed last night after a lorry overturned and forced the closure of a slip road at Cobham Services.

Highways England announced closure of the slip road for Cobham Services on Thursday (August 8) while responders rushed to clear debris from the road.

The closure was forced after what appeared to be an agricultural vehicle overturned and spilled its load on a section of the slip connecting the service station with the motorway.

Meanwhile, Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) and South East Coast Ambulance Service attended the scene to liaise with the drivers and assist with managing the section of the road affected.

By Friday (August 9), the slip road had reopened after a mammoth clean-up operation took place.

As Highways England reported on Twitter Thursday evening, emergency responders worked through the evening to re-open the slip road and clean up the substantial debris left by the overturned vehicle.

"#M25 #CobhamServices anticlockwise exit slip remains CLOSED and will likely to be CLOSED for a few more hours during the clean up process - The vehicle is in the process of being recovered at this time," a spokesperson said on Thursday evening.

Surrey RPU for their part referenced the need for "specialist equipment" in order to complete the clean-up operation on Thursday evening.

"We await some specialist recovery equipment to put this back on it’s wheels. Then there will be a clean up.

"The Easy bound/Anticlockwise exit is closed still," a spokesperson for the Road Policing team said around 8pm on Thursday.

Highways England were contacted for comment.