A nurse from Chertsey has raised over £20,000 to support care for the six-year-old boy who was reportedly thrown from the Tate Modern building on Sunday.

Vicky Di Placito, 31, told the Comet she had never attempted a fundraiser before and had been overwhelmed by the positive response her GoFundMe page had received.

It was set up on Tuesday (August 6) and has since attracted donations exceeding 22,000 Euros — just over £20,000 — so far.

"Seeing the words and support from people is just unreal. I'm astounded, and it's only driven me to raise more and more. We'll aim as high as we can," she said.

The fundraiser was prompted by a serious incident at the Tate Modern gallery in central London on Sunday (August 4).

The six-year-old victim, a French national visiting the UK, was rushed to hospital with very severe injuries after plunging around 100 feet from renowned art gallery's viewing platform.

The Met Police said they had arrested a 17-year-old male in connection with the incident.

Ms Di Placito, who works as a nurse in capital, said she was particularly inspired to start the fundraiser after a tragically similar situation impacted her and her family directly.

"My brother had an accident of a similar nature abroad which left him in a wheelchair.

"Obviously I can only begin to imagine what the family of this boy are going through but our experience and then hearing of this incident struck chords with me as I'm sure it did with everyone who read about it," she said.

"It was tough for us when we went through it and the fact that it's just a young child is atrocious," she added.

The Chertsey resident said that her initial expectations for the fundraiser exploded almost immediately after the relatively low fundraising goal she set was exceeded faster than she could have hoped.

"I've had so many wonderful messages from people with ideas about how we can expand.

"I wanted to add a personal thank you, to everyone , each individual who has supported, shared and backed this campaign for this family.

"Every message and donation has not gone unnoticed. You’ve been truly amazing," Ms Di Placito said.

To donate, follow this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/medical-funds-for-tate-tragedy