The Mayor of Epsom and Ewell visited Epsom General Hospital (EGH) last week to present them with a state-of-the art new piece of equipment funded by borough campaigners.

Mayor and Councillor John Beckett dropped in on the physiotherapy team at EGH as they unveiled a brand new hoist that will help the rehabilitation of patients.

The previous piece of equipment became worn out after 14 years of use and was in serious need of replacing.

Neuro Physio Lavinia Rizzacasa put in a special request for updating the previous hoist after it became unusable.

Step forward a renowned Epsom campaigner and her team.

As with so many new pieces of hi-tech equipment now in use at EGH, the item was purchased for the hospital thanks to the Epsom Medical Equipment Fund (EMEF).

EMEF are a charity run by legendary Epsom campaigner Bess Harding, and recently celebrated their 40th birthday as the Comet reported last month.

Head of Epsom Therapies, Richard Stacey, paid tribute to Ms Harding and her small team during Cllr Beckett's visit.

"Thank you to the Epsom Medical Equipment Fund for this essential piece of equipment which will help us in the rehabilitation of patients on Britton Ward," Mr Stacey said.

"This equipment is state of the art and will really assist in our work on a daily basis," he added.

Cllr Beckett for his part saluted EMEF and Ms Harding in particular during his visit, highlighting the staggering £5million she and the group have raised for essential medical equipment in the borough since their formation in 1979.