A choir from New Malden won plaudits and fans in droves after performing at Peterborough Cathedral last week.

The St James Choir from New Malden travelled to Peterborough last Monday after being scheduled to perform at evensongs during the week.

The choir sang at three services between Tuesday (July 30) and Thursday (August 1) at Peterborough Cathedral, to the delight of attendees who heard them.

New Malden Vicar Katie Thomas, who sings with the choir said the group were so well received that they have already been invited back.

"The Cathedral and congregation said how impressed they were with our singing.

"They were surprised that we were just from a parish church. We have already been invited back," she said.

Special programmes for the performances were put together by St James Director of Music Jason Edge, including the anthem ‘We Love The Place’ by composer Christopher Gower, who was present in the cathedral to hear the performance.

Jason, who married his wife Catherine, at the Cathedral almost 25 years ago, said the group were elated with their performances and with the reception they received from the congregation at the Cathedral:

"We were given such an amazing welcome. I was overjoyed by the performances we worked so hard to achieve," he said.

Both Catherine and Jason sing in the choir.

Jason revealed their successes in Peterborough floated the prospect of a busy second half of the year for the singers, and also revealed they were hoping to recruit additional singers in the autumn.

"Now we are working on some very special musical events for the rest of the year, leading up to Christmas which is a highlight for us all at St James’s, both musically and spiritually.

"We will be auditioning for additional members of the choir in the autumn, so if anyone is interested they should contact me via our website," he said.