Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) are making waves to tackle single-use plastics after declaring a climate emergency last month.

Councillors attended a forum promoting the nationwide 'Refill' campaign at the Civic Centre in Esher earlier this week. 

The event was put on by EBC and spearheaded by councillors Tricia Welch Bland (Thames Ditton) and Charu Sood (Weybridge).

They were joined by residents and businesses who found out methods behind cutting down on single-use plastics, and learnt about the plethora of 'Refill' stations where drinking water is made available for all.

Speaking to the Comet, Councillor Sood said that there was wide support for tackling single-use plastics in the borough and hoped residents would get on board with the council's efforts.

"I've been working very hard towards this, talking and meeting many people about this — we're trying to change habits so people don't buy water in single-use plastic bottles," Cllr Sood said.

She added that the recent heatwave had prompted more businesses to sign up to the scheme, which is one several projects launched by EBC in tandem with their declaration of a climate emergency in July.

"The extreme heat encouraged a lot of people to sign up to the refill scheme, I think there were five businesses who joined in a single day when it was very hot.

"They could see how extreme the weather was and how important it is to connect with the community in this way," the Weybridge Councillor said.

So far, their efforts have not gone unrewarded.

Thames Ditton now boasts nine refill stations i.e. businesses or other buildings that make drinking water freely available to the public.

Weybridge meanwhile has a remarkable 42 refill stations and counting.

Cllr Sood said she was broadly optimistic about the borough's taking action on plastic use in response to the threats posed by the climate emergency.

In particular, she praised the dynamism of young people in Elmbridge.

"I think slowly in the next two to three years we will see a difference.

"I want to highlight how school children have approached me wanting to get involved in this scheme — the youngsters want to get connected with this because it makes perfect sense to them," she said.