Jo Swinson has been elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, defeating the Kingston and Surbiton MP Sir Ed Davey in the process.

In her ascension to the leadership Ms Swinson roundly defeated Sir Ed to replace Sir Vince Cable as leader of the centrist party.

A former minister, Ms Swinson had been the favourite with book makers ahead of the announcement, which took place Monday afternoon (July 22).

Ms Swinson, who is MP for East Dunbartonshire, served outgoing leader Sir Vince as his deputy from June 2017.

Sir Ed was the energy secretary in the former Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government under ex-Prime Minister David Cameron.

Ms Swinson triumphed in a ballot of party members, securing a hefty margin against her rival from the Kingston and Surbiton constituency.

In total, the Lib Dems new leader won 47,997 votes against Sir Ed's 28,021 votes.

The Lib Dems, who returned 20 per cent of the vote and the second-largest number of MEPs at the recent European elections, are enjoying a revival due to their outspoken opposition to Brexit.

The party currently boasts 12 MPs — bolstered by Labour defector Chuka Umunna's decision to join last month.

The Lib Dems also enjoyed a surge at the local elections in response to their anti-Brexit stance.

Ms Swinson previously suggested that if Boris Johnson enters Number 10 and is committed to Brexit on October 31 with or without a deal then the Lib Dems could be boosted even further.