A family butchers in Kingston has been named as the 'Best in Britain' at a prestigious industry awards ceremony.

Bevan's Butchers on Richmond Road in Kingston won the acclaimed 'Britain's Best Butchers Shop 2019' award at the renowned Meat Management Industry Awards on June 27.

Head Judge Keith Fisher labelled the award claimed by Bevan's Butchers as "the meat industry's highest honour" and praised the Kingstonian meat merchants for their achievements.

"This coveted award is a testament to the creativity, innovation, and excellence Bevan's Butchers provide to our industry," Mr Fisher said.

As for the team at Bevan's themselves, a creative approach that draws on influences both international and closer to home can help explain their remarkable win.

As the shop's current owner Robin Bevan said: "I have always taken inspiration from both my family's past and the very best in the industry internationally.

"We work hard to offer the highest quality to our customers; we specialise in dry aged beef, develop our own products and source the very best in fresh food and groceries, I think that is a key factor in our winning this prestigious award."

He added that, unlike some larger and more commercial enterprises, a strong relationship with the farms that source Bevan's produce was at the heart of everything they do.

"If a customer asks where a ribeye steak has come from, I can tell them exactly which breed, farm and even the name of the farmer it came from," Mr Bevan said.

"I could not be more thrilled" with the award, Mr Bevan — whose great grandfather founded the business in Kingston back in 1929 — added.

The family-run firm now boasts four modern and innovative butchers' shops in Kingston, Effingham, Esher (Garsons Farm) and Bagshot (Longacres).