A man was sentenced to jail after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) during a road rage incident in Shepperton last year.

Gary Wilson, 32, of Hawthorne Way, Shepperton, appeared in court for sentencing on Friday, July 5, after a road rage incident in which a motorcyclist suffered a serious injuries.

Mr Wilson was found guilty of causing GBH and was given a seven year custodial sentence, of which he must serve at least half, and will serve the remainder on licence, police said.

The Shepperton man will also be disqualified from driving for four years upon his release.

The event which led to his sentencing on Friday took place on the A244 Upper Halliford Road on June 10, 2018.

Mr Wilson and the rider of a white Yamaha motorcycle were driving along a section of that road when the motorcyclist filtered his bike through traffic at a red light, stopping in front of Mr Wilson’s red Audi A3.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police described what happened next:

"Witnesses recalled that Wilson revved his engine aggressively, and accelerated behind the motorcycle as the lights changed. At the next set of lights, Wilson changed lanes in front of the motorcycle, causing the rider to brake suddenly.

"The rider reports that Wilson wound down his window, challenging him and making threats.

"Worried for his safety, the rider accelerated away, before being struck by the Audi from the offside which caused him to collide with a kerb and be thrown from the bike. Wilson failed to stop at the scene of the collision..."

PC Ian Madelin of the Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit (RPU) investigated the incident, and revealed that the motorcyclist targeted by Mr Wilson had sustained broken bones and been forced to take six months off work in recovery.

"This was a frightening experience for the victim, who was off work for six months receiving treatment for a fractured collarbone, cuts and bruising.

"He wishes to thank all those who helped him at the scene, giving first aid and support, and particularly the witnesses who came forward.

"We are pleased that Wilson has been given a custodial sentence, as it demonstrates the seriousness of this matter," PC Madelin said.