More details have emerged from the trial of Ricardo Godinho, who the court heard stabbed Aliny Godinho in Ewell as they travelled to school.

Mr Godinho, 41, is accused of murdering Mrs Godinho in Ewell on February 8, earlier this year.

Guildford Crown Court heard Monday (July 1) how Mrs Godinho, who was 39, and her three-year-old daughter were on their way to pick up the family's other children from school when the incident took place.

Prosecutor Kate Lumsdon QC described the incident, telling the jury how a man jumped out of a truck and ran towards the mother and daughter, and how she backed away from him, holding her daughter's hand.

"As he reached Aliny, he grasped her with one hand and with the other stabbed her repeatedly in the upper body.

"As she sank to the floor, he continued to stab her in the chest and in the neck," Ms Lumsdon said.

The court was also told Mr Godinho was heard saying he killed her "because of f****** problems", and allegedly told his secretary he "stabbed her several times".

The jury heard that the couple were from Brazil and had been together for 17 years.

"The marriage was not happy, however," Ms Lumsdon said, adding that they had recently separated before the incident took place.

She told the court Mrs Godinho visited Epsom Police Station on December 27 "to make an allegation that she was being controlled by her husband Ricardo".

The jury was told that the police officer she spoke to, Pc Joel Robinson, remembers she was "very nervous and on the edge of crying".

Mrs Godinho told Pc Robinson her husband had been "controlling and abusive", not physically but mentally.

Ms Lumsdon said Mrs Godinho told the officer she had tried to leave him several times but he threatened to kill himself.

Mrs Godinho said her husband had also "threatened to kill her" over the years, the court heard.

Ms Lumsdon said Mrs Godinho tried to leave her husband in 2013, but he "grabbed her by the throat and ripped up her passport".

The prosecutor added: "It was clear that Aliny was frightened that Ricardo would kill her - she said it was common for men to kill their wives in Brazil."

The court heard that Godinho used a tracking feature on one of the children's phones to find his wife, and was also able to see a WhatsApp group she was in with friends.

On February 7, she realised her husband had access to her emails and was aware of her new address.

The police were made aware on February 8 - the day of the murder - that Godinho had been accessing his wife's iCloud account.

Police wanted to see her that morning but Mrs Godinho asked if she could see them the following day.

"By then it was too late. Aliny was dead," Ms Lumsdon said.

Concluding the prosecution's opening note, Ms Lumsdon said: "It's the Crown's case that Mr Godinho killed his wife to punish her, out of revenge for leaving him and, as he saw it, keeping him from his children.

"He planned it. He armed himself, he lay in wait for her and he killed her in cold blood."