The Mayor of Kingston raised the rainbow flag outside Kingston Guildhall today (July 1) to mark London Pride festival and show support for the borough's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community.

The Mayor was joined by Leader of Kingston Council (RBK) Liz Green, LGBT+ champion Councillor Sam Foulder-Hughes, plus councillors, staff and other local community representatives to mark the event.

Cllr Foulder-Hughes gave a speech at the flag-raising ceremony, saying that the event showed how RBK actively celebrated diversity in the borough.

"It is, undoubtedly, with a sense of pride that we are flying the rainbow flag. This is the first year the flag has been raised at the Guildhall and represents our commitment to equality and shows our support for the LGBT+ community.

"Kingston is a thriving and diverse borough - a place where we don’t just tolerate difference, we celebrate it," Cllr Foulder-Hughes said.

"London Pride is a month of celebration where Londoners acknowledge the victories on equality and LGBT+ rights won over the past 50 years. I hope that many people attend Pride over the weekend and show their support," he added.

Others present at the ceremony, including Councillor Caroline Kerr, took to social media to voice their thoughts on the symbolic moment.

"First year Pride’s rainbow flag has flown at Kingston’s Guildhall. Lots to be proud of, lots still to do," Cllr Kerr said on Twitter.

London Pride is a festival for the whole community with events organised across the capital.

London's annual Pride parade is taking place in central London on Saturday, July 6, from 12pm.

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