A proposed housing development in Stoneleigh prompted an angry backlash from residents this month.

The planning application and supporting documents were published on Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (EEBC)'s website after being validated on June 12.

The proposal has since prompted over 300 public comments from residents in the borough, many of whom expressed their opposition to the development for various reasons (see below).

The proposal involves the construction of a new, seven storey block of flats on Station Approach, near Stoneleigh Park Road, in Stoneleigh.

The planning application summary also points the required demolition of existing buildings on the proposed site, stating:

"Demolition of existing buildings on site and erection of a part 6, part 7 storey building providing 23 residential flats with associated communal roof terrace, cycle and refuse stores."

In response, over 300 residents from the borough posted comments on EEBC's website voicing their opinions about the planning proposal, with many objecting to the plans outright.

One comment posted on Friday (June 21) said: "I strongly object to this planning. It looks monstrous and completely out of character.

"I love my road, I have been living here for 10 plus years. Do not spoil the look. Please look for an alternative location as the residents of Stoneleigh are not happy about this."

Another Stoneleigh resident, also objecting to the proposal, said: "Having read the plans for the proposed new flats, I am appalled that this is even being considered.

"The building will be totally out of character with the area and will tower over existing properties in the area and blight the outlook for the existing residential neighbours..."

While many residents objected to the proposal on the grounds of it being "out of character" with the surrounding area, others voiced concerns over the impact on current transport issues.

"There is already such limited parking in Stoneleigh, this will just add to that and create such strain, which will affect everyone from residents to local shops," one resident commented on Thursday (June 20).

Responding to a request from the Comet, a spokesperson for EEBC said that the council would be considering all public comments made regarding the planning application and urged people to contribute to the discussion.

"The Local Planning Authority have received the planning application 19/00668/FUL and as part of the process of assessing the application, will have regard for any comments that are made.

"Should you wish to make any comments, these can be posted on the Public Access which is on the Council’s website," the EEBC spokesperson said.

EEBC said that the Neighbourhood Consultation Expiry Date was set for Wednesday, July 3, with any Stoneleigh residents who wished to voice their opinion on the proposal to do so by that date.

The planning proposal, key documents and public comments are available to view at: http://eplanning.epsom-ewell.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PSDJ41GYN0900