A Metropolitan Police (MPS) officer from Kingston has been praised after dramatic footage emerged of him arresting would-be moped thieves in Tolworth.

On Wednesday, Kingston MPS tweeted dynamic video footage showing PS Steve Clarke chasing and then apprehending two youths who reportedly attempted a theft in Tolworth before fleeing on a moped.

The short clip was recorded by a camera attached to PS Clarke's bicycle and captured the incident, which police said happened on Monday (June 10).

It appears to show him chasing after, stopping and then starting to arrest the youths through central Tolworth.

As the borough police force posted the footage online, they commended PS Clarke's efforts.

"On Monday, PS Steve Clarke was commended by AC Simmons for his courage and dedication to duty.

"Whilst cycling home, Steve prevented a moped-enabled theft by two youths on a moped in #Tolworth," Kingston MPS said.

The arrest followed a prevalence in thefts involving mopeds in Greater London.

As the Comet reported earlier this year, the high number of moped thefts in the region was stymied after a 12-strong moped gang carrying out thefts using mopeds were jailed for a string of offences at Kingston Crown Court in March.

Met Police said these sentences helped cut moped-enabled crime in the capital by 52 per cent in London.