The vice president of the Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs visited a New Malden care home this month.

New Malden is home to the largest population of Koreans in Europe.

Dr Chung Kyunghee heard from a friend that the Speirs House Care Home in the town was a good example of the UK's approach to care in later life.

Consequently she decided to visit the home in the hope that it would offer some tips on practice with which she could return to South Korea.

Kathleen Liang, Home Manager at Speirs House, said the visit had been beneficial to both parties.

"The visit was particularly beneficial for Dr Kyunghee, as I trained in China where culture and approach to care is similar to that of South Korea.

"We have exchanged contact details and we would love to carry on learning from each other," Ms Liang said.

During her visit, staff as Speirs House said Dr Kyunghee was eager learn about end of life care provided at the care home, plus more detailed aspects of care in the UK such as the funding system and how personal centred care differed between both countries.

In exchange for the knowledge she gleaned visiting the care home, Dr Chung Kyunghee gave managers at Speirs House jewellery boxes she brought with her from South Korea (pictured).

Speirs House is rated "Good" by the Care Quality Commission: