A boy from Epsom who was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) made a rap video to raise money for staff there.

Joe Humphrey, 7, has a form of cerebral palsy which makes walking for him very difficult.

Several weeks ago Joe went for specialist spinal surgery at GOSH and then spent a further few weeks recovering with the help of staff at the hospital.

It was during the recovery period that the Epsom boy was inspired to make the video, as he described speaking with the Surrey Comet.

"Every time I looked at the hospital sign I started singing 'Yo Yo, Great Ormond Street', and then I asked my brothers to gather round and said 'why don't we make a rap about Great Ormond Street?'"

So they did.

Using London rap legend Stormzy as inspiration — "they listen to edited versions of Stormzy!" insisted Joe's mum Gina — the trio made a fantastically fun rap video all about the team at GOSH.

Surrey Comet: Joe with his brothers at GOSHJoe with his brothers at GOSH

The video has since taken off and been featured on the BBC and other broadcast news channels.

Meanwhile, Joe said the fundraising has exceeded all expectations.

"It's going great! Every day I'm looking I'm seeing (the fundraising) go to 3,000, then 3,330...Thank you!" He said.

The plan to raise money for the team at GOSH followed what was a very challenging time for the whole family during Joe's stay at the hospital.

His mum Gina Humphrey described the recovery period.

"After the spinal surgery Joe had to stay at GOSH for three weeks and undergo some really intense physio. Basically he had to learn to walk again from scratch. It's been miraculous for Joe, really," she said.

Ms Humphrey went on to recount some of the incredible support her son received from the staff at GOSH and his school class at St Joseph's in Epsom.

"While he was away his teacher and all his class sent him a weekly news magazine with all the news of everything he'd been missing, I can't tell you how touching it was. And each morning the class would watch his youtube channel too," she said.

"When he left hospital we took him straight to school, he wanted to spend the whole day there. And when he got in all his class gathered around him and started singing the Great Ormond Street Rap. It was really lovely," she added.

While Joe's classmates and teachers supported him from school so far as they were able, it was the team at GOSH — and the Play Team in particular — who the Epsom boy really wanted to thank through the fundraising campaign.

As Joe was eager to point out, his efforts have already smashed their previous goal of £3,000 and they hope to raise yet more still to help fund the team who guided him through physio therapy.

"The play team are just the most amazing people and they would come in a help Joe pass that time of really tough physio," Ms Humphrey said.

To donate to Joe's Just Giving page go to: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/joe-humphrey-gosh

To check out Joe's Great Ormond Street Rap video go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6stZiHomQB8