Kingston Council (RBK) today responded to an allegation of abuse reportedly levelled at a councillor.

As the Surrey Comet reported Monday (May 20), management at the Malden Centre in New Malden confirmed they were investigating after an allegation was made against a swimming teacher at the centre.

A statement from Kingston Independent Residents Group (KIRG) published Monday demanded RBK suspend Liberal Democrat Councillor Lesley Heap (Beverley Ward) after suggesting she had been accused of being "verbally and physically abusive" towards a child attending her swimming class at the leisure centre.

On Tuesday RBK issued a statement dismissing calls for it to act in response to the allegation, citing a lack of evidence that any such action was warranted.

A spokesperson for RBK said: "Appropriate child protection procedures have been followed and subsequent to investigations undertaken by the local authority.

"We can confirm that there is no evidence that any child has been subject to serious or significant harm at the centre, neither has there been any incident involving any child which requires the council to take action in accordance with its statutory safeguarding responsibilities."

On Monday a spokesperson for Places Leisure, who manage the Malden Centre, told the Surrey Comet that they were conducting an investigation into alleged abusive behaviour at the centre.

"We understandably take any reports of this nature extremely seriously.

"We are currently conducting a full investigation, including conversations with everyone present on the day, to ensure any appropriate action will be taken," the spokesperson said.