Leatherhead Football Club partnered with technology giants IBM in a new film with a remarkable twist.

Raise The Game is a short film made by computer hardware company IBM in tandem with Leatherhead FC available to watch online.

It follows the exploits of 'The Tanners' and their campaign in the Bostik League, which received a boost courtesy of an incredible slice of high technology.

IBM chose to offer the services of their uniquely designed Artificial Intelligence, known as "Watson", to help the club in their analysis of the matches and players as the season progressed.

The film features in depth and at times raw footage from Leatherhead FC's matches and training sessions, showing how the team and manager Nikki Bull employed the technology to good effect.

The detailed analysis and statistics offered by the AI helped boost the club's chances across the season according to the film.

A spokesperson described its highlights, pointing out the stunning swing in fortunes that the Tanners received in the season when the footage was shot.

"Despite having one of the lowest budgets in the league, a new manager, and almost a completely new squad, Watson has helped Leatherhead FC rise up 12 places out of the relegation danger zone, only just missing out on the play offs.

"Proving a willingness to embrace machine-based learning can raise the game in football," the spokesperson said.

The full film is available to watch online at: https://www.ibm.com/thought-leadership/football/uk-en/