Local Elections in Epsom and Ewell showed most gains for the Residents Association as results were announced on Friday (May 3).

The Epsom and Ewell Residents' Association (EERA) had secured 18 seats on the Borough Council (EEBC) by around 3.30pm on Friday.

By that time EEBC said the Labour party and Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents' Association had won three seats, the Liberal Democrats two and the Conservatives one.

The borough-specific EERA had picked up 46 per cent of the vote across all wards counted — outstripping the next best-placed parties by some distance (Liberal Democrats, 16 per cent; Conservatives, 16 per cent; Labour, 13 per cent).

The EERA's strong showing included a clean sweep of Ewell ward, with successful elections of three candidates: Christine Gladys Cleveland (922 votes, 23 per cent), Clive David Woodbridge (903 votes, 23 per cent), and Humphrey Reynolds (887 votes, 23 per cent).

Similarly, EERA candidates won all three seats in Woodcote ward — where one of the political leaflets distributed during electioneering for the vote was being investigated by Surrey Police ahead of the vote.

EERA's Liz Frost was elected (1058 votes, 21 per cent), with Steve McCormick (862 votes) and Bernice Froud (858 votes) gaining seats with 17 per cent each.

Labour for their part won Court ward outright, securing all three seats.

The Labour councillors elected were Kate Chinn (601 votes, 16 per cent), Rob Geleit (589 votes, 16 per cent) and Debbie Monksfield (571 votes, 15 per cent).

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats had won two seats of those up for grabs as of 3pm on Friday.

Both came in College ward, where Lib Dems Julie Anne Morris (864 votes) and David Walter Gulland (838 votes) were elected with around 15 per cent of the vote each.

Nigel Collin of the EERA was elected to the third seat on the ward with 749 votes (13 per cent).

The one Conservative seat secured by 3pm came in Stamford ward, where Bernie Muir was elected with 697 votes (12 per cent) and EERA's Steve Bridger (730 votes, 13 per cent) and Previn Sing Jagutpal (679 votes, 12 per cent).