A total of 40 people, aged 19 to 77, have been charged over the ongoing Extinction Rebellion protests, police have said.

This includes Lewisham woman Kathryn Shipp as well as Beckenham man Tim Speers.

The Met Police revealed 831 arrests have been made in connection with the demonstrations as of 10am Sunday, and 40 people charged for "various offences including breach of Section 14

Notice of the Public Order Act 1986, obstructing a highway and obstructing police."

Members of Extinction Rebellion (XR) are suggesting temporarily ending disruptive tactics to focus on political negotiations as they enter a second week of campaigning to have the Government declare a climate emergency.

A spokesman said there would be no escalation of activity on Bank Holiday Monday, but warned that the disruption could get "much worse" if politicians were not open to their negotiation requests.

The group will no longer hold a picnic on the Westway by Edgware Road Underground station, which would have stopped traffic on the busy A-road on the last day of the long Easter weekend.

Instead, at Marble Arch, the only police-sanctioned protest space, activists will meet to "vision what's going to happen in the coming week", an Extinction Rebellion member said.

Below is a full list of the 40 people charged by police so far.

  • Steven Melia, 56, of St Philips, Bristol.
  • Peter Scott, 65, of South Brent, Devon.
  • Francesca Legere, 28, address unknown.
  • Patrick Thelwell, 19, of Wycliffe Avenue, York.
  • Dave Hall, 66, of Alexandra Road, Frome.
  • Genevieve Scherer, 72, of Leppoc Road, Lambeth.
  • Christopher Court-Dobson, 30, of Northload Street, Glastonbury.
  • Jeremy David Parker, 51, of Sterling Place, Ealing.
  • Kathryn Shipp, 55, of Longton Avenue, Lewisham.
  • Joseph Hesmondhalgh, 20, of Hollingwood Gate, Bradford.
  • Jason Pettitt, 44, of Manor Road, Colchester.
  • Angela Zelter, 67, of Church Street, Powys.
  • Tim Speers, 33, of Wickham Road, Beckenham.
  • Mark Richards, 43, of Downham Road, Stockport.
  • Adam Haigh, 19, of Richmond Grove, Manchester.
  • Jasmine Horsley Grassie, 77, of Kington, Powys.
  • Tamsyn Cowden, 55, of Kington, Powys.
  • Louise Treneman, 25, of Northcote Road, Bristol.
  • Sadie Stanton, 28, of Higher Slade Road, Devon.
  • Alan Dixon, 53, of Edeva Court, Cambridge.
  • Ruth Jarman, 55, of Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.
  • Hayley Pinto, 51, of Norwich Road, Marsham.
  • Mary Ellen Light, 74, of Newman Crescent, Dartington.
  • Stuart Frost, 39, of Lower Ebor Street, York.
  • Sally Chapman, 56, of Lower Town, Devon.
  • Ellis Rachel Bowdler, 26, of Frome, Somerset.
  • Samuel Elmore, 26, of Hunbridge Lane, Hyde End.
  • Barbara Cookson, 68, of Lawrence Grove, Liverpool.
  • Rebecca West, 39, of Shipman, Somerset.
  • William Cooke, 36, of Barton Hill, Bristol.
  • Justin Lewis Preece, 49, of Treforest, Pontypridd.
  • Tiana Jacout, 31, address unknown.
  • Malika Rassikh, 41, of Gipcy, France.
  • Liam Norton, 34, of Bromells Road, Lambeth.
  • Emma Ricketts, 24, address unknown.
  • Greg Frey, 22, address unknown.
  • Emily Cox, 33, of Eastville, Bristol.
  • Kathleen Carlson, 27, of Forest Road, Waltham Forest.
  • Spencer Upton, 27, of Bodmin, Cornwall.
  • A man who refused to provide police with his date of birth and address.