Elmbridge Residents Group (ERG) was formally launched ahead of the local elections on May 2.

The group consists of representatives from the Elmbridge Residents Association (ERA) and Village Societies, both of which are standing candidates in the local elections next month.

In a description of the ERG's remit released with the announcement on Tuesday (April 16), the Group's leader, Councillor Stuart Selleck, said that it would operate as the main decision-making body for the ERA and Village Societies.

Cllr Selleck said: "Bringing together seven of Elmbridge’s Residents Associations and Village Societies, all of whom are contesting May 2nd local elections, the Group is where major policy decisions are made for the big issues that face Elmbridge."

Cllr Selleck suggested that the ERG represented a de-facto "cabinet" for the ELA and Village Societies, and urged anyone interested in the group to contact him or another of their members directly.

Cllr Selleck said: "Our cabinet is made up of the most experienced councillors serving on Elmbridge Borough Council.

"If you want to know what our policy is on any key matter, please contact the relevant cabinet member or me. We are very happy to make our views known."

A website containing the Group's 2019 "manifesto" was scant on detailed policy proposals, but outlined broad support for Green Belt preservation, more evenly distributed development in the borough and the promoting green initiatives such as increasing the number of charging points for electric cars.

The Group also vowed it would "reverse the Conservatives’ planned increased charges for 2020 and 2021" which it claimed are damaging for residents and businesses in the borough.