Most children in Kingston were offered places at their preferred primary schools according to Kingston Council (RBK).

New statistics published by the council Wednesday (April 17), revealed that 94 per cent of children in the borough were offered one of their top three choices for primary schools this year.

This number was slightly lower than the London-wide figure — 96 per cent of children across the capital received offers from one of their top three choices, with schools across London receiving a total of 96,598 applications this year.

Meanwhile, 82 per cent (roughly five in six) of children in Kingston were offered a place at their number one choice of primary school.

The Kingston-specific figures were taken from the total number of applications for primary school places made in the borough in 2019, some 1,991 applications in total.

The number was slightly up from the 2018 figure of 1,937.

Responding to the data, Pauline Maddison, Interim Director of Children’s Services at RBK, said that the figures showed consistency in the high number of schoolchildren in the borough receiving preferred places at primary schools.

Ms Maddison said: "We are pleased that the number of children being offered their preferred schools is once again very high.

"Our local schools have an excellent reputation and this is one of many reasons why Kingston is such a desirable place to live.

"As a result, we are continually committed to ensuring Kingston can grow as a borough."

RBK adivsed that parents who had not applied for a primary school place for children due to start school in September needed to do so as soon as possible.

You can apply for primary school places for children at , or search your postcode to begin the process through the government's website at