Claygate Cricket Club (CCC) are promoting their new girls' side Claygate Diamonds with a new sponsorship.

CCC announced the founding of the Claygate Diamonds junior girls' cricket side in February.

The club have heralded "an explosion of interest" in girls' and women's cricket recently and said that the sponsorship would help promote their new team.

Club Manager Russ Guyatt said: "Our girls’ side is a new development for us. We launched the initiative a few weeks ago and already have over a dozen girls training enthusiastically.

"The intention is that Claygate Diamonds will play a number of competitive games in the summer against similar teams from local clubs.

"This is an exciting sponsorship and is another step in terms of broadening our cricketing ‘offer’..."

The sponsorship sees CCC teaming up with high street butchers The Game Larder, who said they were eager to get involved in furthering renewed interest in the girls' and women's game.

The Game Larder’s partner Nicholas Jefferies said: "We’re really pleased to help the cricket club in this way and look forward to the development of the girls’ side this summer."