Jon Brittain's Rotterdam is coming to the Rose Theatre in Kingston this Thursday (April 4).

The play examines prescient issues of identity, gender and sexuality, and stars trans actor Elijah W Harris.

Elijah said Brittain's highly-acclaimed play was truly unique and addressed themes that deserved the oxygen of more exposure in UK arts.

Elijah said: "I hope that the content plus seeing trans and non-binary people on stage will encourage people to embrace the trans people around them. And allow the LGBTIA+ audience members to feel seen, because it doesn’t happen often enough..."

"I am from Leicester and seeing this show growing up would have changed my life...Of course, the internet connects anyone at any time but seeing someone like you, telling a story like yours, in the flesh, in your space? Well there is truly nothing like it."

Rotterdam gained many plaudits during a spell on London's West End — Brittain and Rotterdam won an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre in 2017.

The play's visit to the Rose Theatre marks one leg on a UK-wide tour.

The Rose described the play as "a bittersweet comedy about gender, sexuality and being a long way from home," themes that chime directly with Elijah's own experiences as a transitioning actor working in a new city.

Before starring in this latest production of Rotterdam, Elijah moved to London aged 18, navigating a frequently challenging world of aspiring thespians while addressing personal issues at the same time.

Elijah said: "I never really knew where I fit within society and struggled with my mental health for a long time.

"I got a degree because I thought that was the most sensible option — I would be able to get a ‘proper job’. I didn’t know anything about drama schools and I certainly didn’t think that I was welcome in a place like that.

"I started to understand that I needed to transition at some point along the way, between acting and seemingly endless bar jobs...transitioning doesn’t solve all of life’s problems but now I walk down the street with a straight back and my eyes up."

Elijah W Harris is a London based actor and writer working in film and theatre.

Elijah’s acting credits include: And The Rest of Me Floats (The Bush Theatre), Rituals in Romance (Spill Festival), The Butch Monologues (Birmingham Rep, Soho Theatre, WoW Festival), plus many other plays, several short films and contributions to Dazed Beauty and Ladybeard magazines.