Improved disabled facilities are coming to the Bentall Centre in Kingston, the borough council said today (April 1).

Kingston Council (RBK) said Monday that it was working with the Bentall Centre to improve its accessibility and had made the decision jointly with the shopping centre's management.

The Bentall Centre's Director, Sam Eastwood, said: "We’re working hard to revitalise the centre and expand its offering.

"For us, an important part of development is to ensure the centre is accessible and comfortable for all to use.

"The changing places toilet should make visiting the centre more comfortable for disabled shoppers."

Meanwhile, RBK Leader Liz Green (Liberal Democrats) also praised the announcement, saying that RBK were committed to improving inclusivity in the borough's public spaces.

Cllr Green said: "It’s wonderful to see the Bentall Centre install the changing places toilet. It’s another step in the right direction for Kingston as we look to make the borough as accessible and inclusive for our residents and visitors as possible."

RBK said that the construction of the new toilet was "due to be completed in the summer."