A Bake Off event is coming to New Malden's Cancer Research shop this weekend (Saturday, March 23).

Cancer Research UK is teaming up with Stand Up To Cancer and Channel 4 to run The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off, and fundraisers are taking place in Cancer Research shops across the UK in anticipation.

Speaking ahead of New Malden's own event on Saturday, Store Manager Dionne Lester said that her team were looking forward to this great opportunity to raise money for cancer research.

Ms Lester said: "We've invited lots of people to bring in some cakes and judge our favourites. We just hope to raise as much money as we can for Stand Up To Cancer."

She added that, while the event was designed purely in order to raise funds for cancer research as part of Stand Up To Cancer, the annual cancer research fundraiser, there would be a somewhat formal judging element to the day to help inspire some great competition and attract budding bakers to come along with their own creations.

Ms Lester said: "There'll be four judges including myself, and we'll be handing out badges for Best Decorated, Soggy Bottoms, that sort of thing to introduce some fun. I'm really excited!"

New Malden Cancer Research is hosting the event in-store from 1pm on Saturday, March 23.

For more information on Stand Up To Cancer and how to get involved, head to: https://www.standuptocancer.org.uk/