A drag queen from Molesey won Britain's first ever Miss Drag UK pageant in Folkestone this weekend (March 10).

Harry Watson's Ms Rosé Zinfandel from Molesey was crowned one of three winners at the finals of the inaugural Miss Drag UK pageant as the ceremony drew to a close last Sunday, alongside two  winners  in different categories; Miss Dee Licious and Aunty Ginger.

Ms Zinfandel told the Surrey Comet she was happy to have won after a challenging competition and praised the atmosphere at the Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkestone where the event took place.

Ms Zinfandel said: "Emotions were definitely in peaks and valleys. One moment I was confident, the next thinking 'what am I doing, I can't do this'...

"I'm not generally a winner of things so it's quite a nice change of pace."

While drag queen competitions have been held for decades in Britain, Miss Drag UK was billed as the first ever beauty-queen style pageant to take place in the country.

Ms Zinfandel, who sported an array of different outfits during the pageant-style proceedings, including one she designed and made herself, said that the finals had been a high-intensity occasion.

Nonetheless, this did not interfere with the comradely spirit fostered by the contestants.

Ms Zinfandel said: "Everyone was under a lot of pressure. We were having to do rehearsals and everything all day, but that didn't stop us all being congenial.

"There was very good sportsmanship from everyone, it was very 'sisterly' as they say."

Organisers had anticipated around 250-300 people at the Folkestone event, but the night itself surpassed all expectations, generating a sell out crowd.

Ms Zinfandel said she was surprised by the interest and that all those extra people helped create a great aura during the pageant.

Ms Zinfandel said: "I loved everyone there...It was ridiculous how many people showed. Over six hundred people turned up.

"The atmosphere was absolutely incredible...It could be something really big for UK culture," Ms Zinfandel said, voicing her hopes of more frequent and bigger drag queen pageants going forward.

Rosé Zinfandel is performing at Pride in Surrey, Woking, on August 10. For more details head to: prideinsurrey.org/prideinfo