The parents of a severely disabled 2-year-old boy in Surbiton have launched a fundraising campaign to help give their son additional treatment.

Huxley Owen experienced a catastrophic brain injury during his birth which left him with a fractured skull and an edema the size of his head for the first few months of his life.

As a result he was diagnosed with spastic dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has severe brain damage.

His Father, James Owen, said: "Our son still smiles and loves the sound of music, but he will never be able to walk, and can't sit up or hold his head up and he is two years old.

"We just want to raise money to help Huxley as much as we can.

"The NHS have been fantastic, but it's frustrating knowing there are so many other therapies out there that he would benefit from, but not being able to afford them."

For one of the first Hope For Huxley fundraising events, Mr Owen will be doing a sponsored 350km cycle ride from London to Manchester, and is aiming to raise £4,000 for this initial event.

Huxley has regular physio to help his condition, but his dad said he needs more to help his movement improve.

There are specialist treatments such as Bobath therapy which is known to help children with similar conditions, but it can cost up to £3,000 a week.

When he was first born, Huxley had up to 50 seizures today and even now he can still have up to 15 a day and is in and out of A&E constantly.

"My wife has had to give up her job to look after Huxley, and we are expecting another baby in July,” his father added.

"We don't know what Huxley's long term prognosis is, but our main aim is to give him the best chance we can to improve his quality of life.”

You can support the Hope For Huxley fundraiser here: