A father and son team from Kingston were named among the best ice cream makers in the UK again this week.

Enrico Mastrocola (pictured) and his father Derrick won the silver challenge cup for their chocolate ice cream at the National Ice Cream Competition, organised by Ice Cream Alliance, the trade body for the UK's £1bn ice cream industry.

The win marks the third time in the last four years of the competition that the pair's business Kingstonian Ice Cream has received the top UK award and re-confirmed their place at the apex of ice cream producers in the UK.

Speaking after the win, Mr Mastrocola said he was surprised and elated by the result.

Mr Mastrocola said: "We didn’t win it last year but we won it the preceding two years...I just thought it was absolutely fantastic when I heard we had won again. Three times in four years – I would never have dreamed that could have happened."

"Our customers love our ice cream," he said. "They tell us it’s among the best they have ever tasted, especially the chocolate."

The father and son pair attribute their success to their devotion to sourcing high-quality ingredients and the longevity of their business.

The pair said the business had been founded by his great grandfather Antonio in 1913, and it had been passed down the generations.

Mr Mastrocola said: "We always go for quality ingredients, that’s the main thing. The cocoa powder we get directly from our supplier in Italy."

Zelica Carr, Chief Executive Officer of The Ice Cream Alliance, also praised the pair's consistently impressive achievements.

Ms Carr said: "What an extraordinary success for Kingstonian Ice Cream. For a small, family ice cream firm to win a national award like this for three years out of four is truly remarkable."