A man who participated in two knife-point robberies has today been jailed after the Solicitor General referred his suspended sentence for being too low.

James Quinn, now 21, committed two robberies in Leatherhead when he was 19. The victims were aged 11 and 15.

Commenting on the increase, Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP said:

"Quinn’s acts of senseless violence not only put the safety of his young victims at risk, but have the potential to lead to the proliferation of knife crime amongst victims and members of the public who now fear for their own safety."

During the first incident Mr Quinn was accompanied by two younger co-defendants, one of whom produced a knife.

The group threatened the victim until he gave them his bag and a jumper worth about £150.

When the victim threatened to call the police, Quinn drew out a lock knife and threatened to stab him. He also punched the victim several times, although caused no serious harm.

The offenders stole the younger victim’s phone later the same day, confronting the victim with a knife.

Mr Quinn was later arrested and found to be in possession of the stolen bag and phone, as well as a lock knife.

Mr Quinn was first handed a two-year suspended sentence in January at Guildford Crown Court.

Today (March 7), the Court of Appeal has given him an immediate custodial sentence of two years and 10 months.