A student from Kingston Grammar School (KGS) has been awarded funding to pursue her potential in kayaking. 

KGS Upper Sixth Form student Zoe Clark will take part in the elite World Class Performance Programme for kayaking thanks to securing an undisclosed amount of funding from the National Lottery. 

After learning that she would be getting funding to pursue her talent for kayaking, Ms Clark said she was glad that her hard work was paying off. 

Miss Clark said: "It’s great to be recognised for the hard work, and having extra support will help me continue to progress while I study, especially as I head off to University this year. 

"I hope that I will be able to eventually contest Olympic selection, and having this award has made me realise it’s possible."

The funding, not dissimilar from receiving a sport scholarship, means that Miss Clark will receive financial support to help her continue with her studies and pursue kayaking at the same time — mitigating the negative impacts that juggling both things at once might otherwise entail. 

Natalie Maclean, Director of Sport at Kingston Grammar School, lauded Miss Clark's achievements.

Ms Maclean said: "We are so proud of Zoe – she is a brilliant sportswoman and an excellent example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. KGS has had a number of Olympians throughout its history and we look forward to seeing Zoe join their ranks."