A Kingston resident has been shortlisted for an environmental award it was revealed today (March 5).

Des Kay, founder of Kingston-based environmental charity Save the World Club, was nominated and subsequently shortlisted for Climate Coalition's Green Heart Hero Awards.

Mr Kay will head to Palace of Westminster for the awards ceremony on Monday next week (March 11).

The local eco-activist has been shortlisted for the Individual Inspiration category in recognition of the work he has done to inspire action on environmental issues.

As well as creating artworks from rescued materials to highlight the scandal of consumer waste, Mr Kay co-founded Kingston Green Fair and runs the Save the Food Club, collecting surplus food from local supermarkets to deliver by bike to night shelters and refugees living in the area.

Further, he helped create the 'Amazing Cycle Powered Answer to Everything Machine,' a travelling show, which he presents as alter-ego Professor Kayoss, has been seen by over 250,000 people.

Speaking on the news of his shortlisting, Mr Kay said: "I have dedicated many years highlighting our planetary stewardship through re-use and this award nomination reflects an appreciation which is indeed an honour.

"Parliament, at the very heart of our Country, requires an urgent reassessment to acknowledge the urgency of the climate crisis and I hope that staging this event on its hallowed ground moves a little way towards achieving this goal."

The Green Heart Hero Awards are coordinated by The Climate Coalition, a group of more than 130 organisations - including the Women’s Institute, CAFOD, WWF and the RSPB - who together represent over 15 million people nationwide.

"It’s fantastic to see the work that individuals such as Des are doing to protect the things we love from climate change.

"The people who have been nominated are just normal people who decided that they wanted to make a difference and help change the world – and they have achieved extraordinary things."