Embattled Transport Secretary and Epsom and Ewell MP Chris Grayling came under fire from constituents over his support for Heathrow Airport's expansion today (March 5).

Mr Grayling, who is facing calls to resign over his handling of Brexit contingency plans, was criticised by residents of his Epsom and Ewell constituency following a public consultation about the expansion proposals.

Responding to the Airspace and Future Operations consultation, Councillor Eber Kington, Chair Chair of the Council’s Strategy and Resources Committee refuted Mr Grayling's 2016 claim that "fewer people will be affected by noise than is the case today" regarding the planned expansion.

Cllr Kington said: "These proposals could translate into an estimated four to five-fold increase in noise levels in addition to the significant additional impact from the frequency of flights overhead…Epsom and Ewell is already the most densely populated borough in Surrey, it faces greater risks from poor air quality and already has a declared Air Quality Management Area…."

"Significantly more residents and businesses would be impacted by the increase in air traffic and aircraft flying at significant lower altitudes in the airspace above and around the borough."

One proposal for the expansion suggested new airspace arrangements which would see up to 47 planes per hour flying over the Epsom and Ewell constituency at just 3,000 feet.

Currently no planes fly over the area below about 6000 feet altitude according to the Airspace and Future Operations Consultation document.

Speaking to the No 3rd Runway Coalition campaign, which is challenging the expansion plans, Epsom resident Sarah Clayton joined the growing chorus of voices demanding Grayling's resignation.

Ms Clayton said: "These plans are deeply upsetting for my family and neighbours in the area. Not only has Chris Grayling’s never-ending list of failures had numerous negative impacts and cost the country hundreds of millions of pounds, but his keenness for a new runway at Heathrow is going to make the area a noise sewer."

"He has actively supported and pushed through proposals to reduce the quality of life and the pleasantness of his own constituency. That is a derogation of duty to his own voters. I’d like him to resign."

Coordinator of the Coalition Rob Barnstone meanwhile cited specific health disturbances which could result from the expansion as a central reason why so many residents in Epsom and Ewell were opposed to Mr Grayling's support for more flight paths at Heathrow.

Mr Barnstone said: "We know that disturbance from aircraft noise, particularly at lower levels of altitude, has a series of health impacts, including but not limited to hypertension, onset of heart disease, decreased mental wellbeing and performance of children at school.

"Chris Grayling has failed the very people he represents in Parliament. By spearheading Heathrow expansion, he is dumping on his own constituents and many hundreds of thousands of others who will be newly overflown or have many more Heathrow planes over their homes as a result."

Mr Grayling's Westminster and Constituency offices were contacted for comment.

The response from residents followed a Richmond and Twickenham Times report which showed that the proposals could see new flight paths directly over Royal Park in Richmond. The park, which stretches over 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres), is a site of special scientific interest, a national nature reserve and a European conservation area.

Mr Grayling refused calls from the Labour opposition to resign his role as transport secretary on March 5 after it was revealed that UK taxpayers in effect paid the Eurotunnel company £33 million in a settlement after the company brought legal action against the "secretive" process purportedly pursued by Mr Grayling to strike shipping deals aimed at guaranteeing key supplies if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 29 March.

"I will carry on serving the Prime Minister as long as she wants me to," Mr Grayling told Sky News.