Police are on the hunt for a man who keeps defecating in public.

Known as the "phantom poo-er of Tolworth" officers have been on the hunt for the serial offender for quite some time.

So when they finally caught a glimpse of him on CCTV, they couldn't help but share the good news.

"We understand getting caught short but this is the turd time," a post on the Tolworth and Hook Rise police Facebook page read.

"This Ne'er Poo well will soon be told off for being a pain in the bum.

"Enquires are ongoing as we do have something to go on.

"Wee see you on CCTV, urine trouble.

"We'll s-pee-k to him soon as long as he doesn't go on the runs as this post will surely flush him out."

And as happy as they were, they couldn't help but land one more sly jab in the comments section.

"We hope that this post flushes out the suspect."

That really stinks.