Britain has continued to bask in the unseasonably warm weather with highs of 19C recorded on Sunday.

Hampton Water Works in SW London was the hottest spot in England, and Londoners took advantage of the chance to head out into the sunshine on the South Bank of the Thames.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: "It's been unusually mild in many areas of the country and this is the fourth day in a row we've hit 18C.

"Monday and Tuesday will be equally as warm, if not with a greater chance of 18C or 19C."

After that, however, temperatures should be back to normal.

"Monday and Tuesday will be the last of the very mild days with temperatures coming back to average levels after that," the spokesman added.

The temperature might have been affected by a phenomenon known as the Foehn Effect, a dry and warm down-slope wind that occurs to the lee of hills or mountains.

The UK record for February was when the mercury soared to 19.7C in Greenwich in 1998.