An alpine ski racer from Leatherhead placed in the top 30 for Team GB at the Sarajevo 2019 European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF).

Olivia Foster, who attends Woldingham School Sixth Form, was one of only 27 British athletes chosen to compete at the EYOF.

She said she was happy with overall performance after heavy snow made conditions on the Serbian course had made things increasingly difficult.

Following her first two runs on February 11, Ms Foster said: "I came in 27th today, which I was quite happy with considering the conditions. My first round was good, but I feel like I couldn’t attack as much as I could have, regardless it was a clean run. With the second round, it was really snowy, so I was just happy to finish the course."

The second round of competition was held two days later (February 13) and saw the Alpine ski racer place 30th overall across both legs.

Of her second round, Ms Foster said: "I was really happy with my first run today - I finished 27th and made the flip. The second run was slightly less better, meaning I finished 30th overall. I was still happy with it."

She added that the whole experience had been gratifying experience and given her the chance to meet new people and be prepared for future skiing competitions.

Ms Foster said: "I've really enjoyed it – it’s so different from anything that I've ever done before. Normally it's just alpine and you just tend to mix with the same people, and it's been nice to be able to make new friendships. I’ve learnt so much about all the other sports, that I didn’t have a clue about before.

"It has been a great experience - I feel so much more prepared for anything I come across in the future."