It's Valentine's Day which can mean only one thing, you have a legitimate reason to get under the sheets.

The UK is often seen as something of a prudish country, where we’re reluctant to talk about what goes on behind closed doors, but just how true is this?

Flowercard have analysed data from across the country to find out the favourite sex position in the UK, and London, you are a bit dull to be honest, and we are disappointed.

According the impossibly accurate research, Londoners are search the internet for Doggy style' but when they get down to it are only on the missionary.

Is it the long days working in the city? Kids tiring you out? You're just a bit lazy?

Here's what Brits as a whole are preferring, position wise...

Missionary - 42,200 monthly searches

Doggy Style - 37,700 monthly searches

Reverse Cowgirl - 30,000 monthly searches

Cowgirl - 19,100 monthly searches

Spooning - 15,580 monthly searches

69 - 12,660 monthly searches

We don't need to know what you will be doing tonight - but make it a bit more exciting than missionary.