A Surrey woman has founded a new website to offer support and specialist online shopping for those affected by cancer.

Lions, Tigers and Bears is the creation of Emma Kennedy, who lives in Walton-on-Thames and grew up in Epsom.

Diagnosed with cancer in her 40s, Ms Kennedy says that her own experiences with cancer showed her that vital information needed by cancer patients, their friends and relatives was too diffuse.

Consequently, she wanted to create a space where all this information and associated products could be found with as little difficulty as possible for people living through a similar experience.

Ms Kennedy said: "Throughout it all, I struggled to find the products that I wanted or needed - So much seemed to be designed for a much older women with a different style aesthetic and/or stuffed with the toxic chemicals I was working hard to eradicate from my life.

"I bought the domain and started the site one night in a steroid and frustration induced post-chemo haze, with the aim of building the kind of site that I was looking for and couldn't find, to support me through my treatment.

"It started from the idea of wanting to create a website where people in a similar position to me (whatever their age, gender or the type of cancer) could find the products they needed to support them through and after treatment. I also wanted a space where loved ones could find suitable and appropriate gifts for relatives suffering with cancer, to show they care."

While first and foremost an online shop with products from clothing to recovery remedies, Lions Tigers and Bears also runs a blog with advice and useful information for those affected by cancer.

The Lions Tigers and Bears website for further details can be found at: www.lionstigersandbears.uk.com