Valentine's Day is a time for really showing your loved ones just how much they mean to you, so how about giving them some chicken?

KFC has put food and flowers together to create the Bouquet de Poulet.

It features luxurious red roses, intertwined with hot wings, popcorn chicken and tender fillets, all presented in a KFC bucket.

The bouquet has been designed so it can easily be replicated at home, guaranteeing the perfect blend of fried chicken and floral notes every time.

Simply purchase a bouquet of red roses, carefully place your lover’s favourite finger lickin’ chicken between the flowers and voila, a bouquet that screams ‘I love you!’

A spokesperson at KFC commented: “At KFC, we know the way to someone’s heart is through our Original Recipe chicken.

"Whether it’s for the one you love, a budding romance, or you just want to give your fried chicken-obsessed mate a gift, the Bouquet de Poulet has got your back this Valentine’s Day as the ultimate present."