Kingston and Sutton councils are hoping to further embrace the digital revolution after publishing their new joint digital strategy.

The strategy was agreed upon by Kingston Council on November 20 last year and lastly by Sutton Council on January 14 of this year.

The strategy document approved by both councils said that promoting digital infrastructure can help alleviate a range of problems people living in Sutton and Kingston are facing, without excluding residents who don't have access to online and digital services.

"There are a number of pressures on Local Government including demographic change, the rising cost of services and to deliver services with significantly reduced budgets, and higher resident expectations. Whilst the Boroughs have high levels of connectivity and digital skills we recognise that not everyone has, so we will ensure we continue to offer phone and face to face to ensure we are inclusive."

One aspect of the plan looks to take pressure off local government resources by "enabling self-service" for residents dealing with their council through an expanded online presence.

Increasing online payments, bookings, applications and a greater collaboration between councils and communities " via increasing our communication channels and becoming data-led organisations."

Councillors from Kingston and Sutton alike praised the new strategy and said it had been developed following a lengthy consultation process.

Cllr Jon Tolley, Kingston Council’s portfolio holder for Community Engagement, said: "In Kingston we've listened to feedback from residents about what they expect from the council and improvements they want to see and how technology can can improve our services.

"We are excited about the opportunity to set out the challenges and initiatives for a new Digital Strategy across Sutton and Kingston. As leaders and advocates in the delivery of digital government, we believe that our learning and insights can help transform government, build long term foundations, unlock growth and help lives everyday."

Sutton and Kingston residents are invited to get involved with the improvements as they progress throughout the year by emailing their interest to: