The cost of Meals on Wheels and Dial a Ride in Elmbridge is set to rise as the council reviews charges for frontline services.

A number of initiatives are being put forward to address the reduction in grant money from Surrey County Council and the increasingly ageing population in the borough.

Councillors will consider the proposals at the Elmbridge Borough Council cabinet meeting next week.

Among the changes are an increase to fees and charges for frontline services to the vulnerable and elderly.

The cost of a three-course meal with the Meals on Wheels service would rise by 20p to £4.20. A return journey with Dial a Ride would go up by 80p to £4.

Specialist day care groups would also see an increase.

The report into fees and charges for community support services also highlights a number of aims to recruit more help for those using them.

Officers are proposing to move the community transport hub to the council’s depot in Mole Business Park to free up parking space at the Civic Centre and recruit a full-time driver and part-time admin assistant.

They also want to introduce a Molesey Link service to support people with learning disabilities similar to a scheme in Cobham.

Four more peripatetic posts to support day centres would be established in a bid to reduce the need for agency and casual staff and the voluntary sector and support manager would be made a permanent position.

Outlining their reasons for introducing the increase in charges for frontline services, officers state in their report: “As in previous years, we have sought to maintain appropriate and balanced fees and charges increases.

“We are very disappointed with the significant Surrey County Council reductions in grants that we have been receiving for over 20 years and we acknowledge that it is because of these significant grant reductions and a staffing requirement to maintain safe services that we are looking to implement these proposed increases in 2019.

“We also need to recognise that we have an increasingly ageing population with support needs in order for them to maintain their ability to visit their local centre.”

From April the council will lose £220,000 a year in grant income from SCC – a 75% reduction in cash for day centres and Meals on Wheels and a 100% reduction in grant for some carers’ and telecare services.

The increase to charges for Meals on Wheels is expected to raise an extra £7,870.

Grants from SCC for relief carers has dropped from £73,000 to £22,000.

If adopted by the cabinet at their meeting on Wednesday, January 9 the proposed changes will go forward to full council in February then be implemented in March.