Surrey Police say they stopped over 600 vehicles in their crackdown on drink and drug driving this Christmas.

The stops resulted in 449 breath tests, 49 drug tests, 154 arrests and 73 charges, Surrey Police said.

Between December 1 and January 1, police officers were out looking for offending motorists in a bid to prevent accidents.

Chief Inspector Andy Gooch, of the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit, said: “It is bitterly disappointing to see so many people arrested on suspicion of drink or drug-driving in such a short period of time.

“Of course we want people to have fun and enjoy the festivities, but don’t let that be at the expense of risking your life, and others’, on our roads.

“While the number of arrests is an increase on the previous two years, it is encouraging to receive reports of suspected drink or drug-driving from members of the public.”

Anyone caught drink or drug-driving faces a minimum 12-month disqualification, an unlimited fine and a possible prison sentence.

A sentence of up to 14 years behind bars can be imposed if a death is caused through dangerous driving whilst over the limit.