A “psychic” from New Malden who “predicted” the winner of the Apprentice 2018 on Twitter last month claims the prophecy came to him in a dream.

Swimwear brand owner Sian Gabbidon, 26, has secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar, after she was crowned winner of the BBC series The Apprentice.

Nicolas Aujula, who claims to have predicted the Syrian conflict and the “rise in fascist ideologies”, predicted Sian Gabbidon would win the BBC series in a tweet on November 22.

Mr Aujula said: “During my dream that night I could see the apprentice final which was so bizarre and random.

“I could see this dark skinned woman had won by the elation on her face, I just wanted to say this is your destiny, enjoy the success.

“To me it's proof of our ability to see the future and that we all have a destiny where we reap what we've sown previously.”

Mr Aujula added: “She will clash with Lord Sugar due to his direct persona and stifling her ideas but can gain essential business wisdom if she pays attention”.

The 33 year-old claims he has possessed a “strong psychic sense” and ability to predict events in the future through dreams and visions from an early age.